Change, I'm sure you've been wanting change for a while now-congratulations, you've made the biggest step. Transitions bring a time of reflection, connection, healing and growth. Those moments in which you have been planted and ask yourself "oh shyt where do I go?" can be scary! Nobody ever said healing was pretty. You don't have to be excited, but you've got to be committed. There comes a time where your past and your present collide>>>this is the place you heal and I hope to support you during your journey.  If you've come to this page, it's because you are committed to you, props I commend you. 


My Wish For You Is...

  • For you to know that you are worthy

  • For you to say F*ck norms, fear is a bitch.

  • For you to have the courage to show up and show out as you-ALL of you

  • For you to know that you can be good enough by just being you NOT just doing